Wood Decks: Home Depot: Behr Solid Color Stain Taupe SC-153
Lowe’s: Olympic Maximum/Wood Protector Rescue IT! Taupe (no color number)

Wood Lattice: Painted/Stained White

Composite Decking: Refer to “Documents” -Patio-Deck Clarification 2016. ** Must complete Architectural Change Form

Sunbrella Black Forest #4923

All exterior changes/replacements require this form. For example: New landscaping, Replacement/changes to Decks, New exterior doors or windows, New garage doors, Garage or other exterior lights, are some examples. If you are not certain, just email or call Cindy at R&D Management.

Sherwin Williams Taupe/Sandstone
Sherwin Williams white

Forest Edge West residents: If a front door color change is desired, they may now be painted at homeowner expense either black or white. If a homeowner prefers any other color–it must be approved by the board first. Please email the property manager with your requested paint color and manufacturer. (An architectural change form is NOT needed for this–just email approval from the board.) Storm doors must remain white.

Forest Edge East residents: If front door color change is desired, they may now be painted any color but Pink, and can get any storm door and color desired. When the doors were painted last, this decision was made by the Board since the doors cannot be seen at all from the street.